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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrates the festival of joy


The Mid Autumn Festival, the celebration of the national day, the double festival will be festive people, eight days of holiday do not stop. The festival will be sweet and sweet, whether it is a family reunion to enjoy the moon and a family to go out for fun.


When I was young, in August fifteen in the evening, the whole family sitting in the courtyard, eating moon cakes laughing, listening to my grandfather told me a story in the moon and the moon rabbit, there just staring at the moon, I hope I can see her figure. Now, every full moon will not be raised. That moon is carrying the warm yearning of our heart and the watch of the reunion.
in October to celebrate the national day, month is rich multicolored decorations. The two day of the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day, the most important thing for your partners is to get ready for the stock. Ointh is here to inform our relatives of the early stock in order for you to take a long holiday.


The following is our several series of products in the heart, we see a.

Hot drink cup series
Water gurgling grass Fang, hi every double good time.
in this beautiful morning, lazy afternoon, whether sitting on the balcony or on the way to enjoy the scenery, holding the exquisite coffee cup and the aroma of coffee is a great enjoyment.
High quality coffee cups, a variety of style design, beautiful appearance, smooth wall paper, containing PE film, anti leakage, uses the food grade material, environmental safety and no pollution.

Plastic cup series
Life with tea, healthy and sweet.
exquisite cup, delicious tea, healthy and environmentally friendly plastic material, the design is more a sense of quality, for your holiday to bring a different kind of color.
The process is different, and it has high quality, good texture, full print color, no rash, comfortable touch, uniform wall thickness, healthy material and no smell. Cold drink hot water cup is for you to choose.

Cake box series
The national day and the Mid Autumn Festival, the cake is more warm.
memory is the time is also warm, whether it is the two circle of the moon or their own taste of the Mid Autumn Festival romantic, delicious cake can increase the warmth of the festival.
Create new styles to create a classic design, food grade film tray, bring a better experience.

Light food salad series
Light food and less fat, holiday marking.
"every festival, three pounds of fat, a careful look at the three kg during the holiday season is a rhythm, a healthy diet is essential, now the salad has quietly become a modern city the best choice for health, fitness, weight loss, have become a staple salad, let the festival more spice.
high quality salad box, the use of food grade oil proof material, visualization and the perfect combination of sealing, amazing packaging.未标题-2_01.jpg

Paper bag series
Healthy fashion, tasty follow.
"wrapped the sweet taste, adhering to the concept of health, let the paper bag to pass out the warmth of the bread.
food grade paper, containing film paper, window design, enhance the customer's desire to buy. Combining traditional and modern design ideas, paper bags are not only healthy, but also a fashion, making bread bags visible everywhere.
holiday is approaching, in order to avoid the holiday of stock, out of stock, delivery is not timely, and during the holidays by the peak travel, logistics will have delay;
remind you to arrange delivery before September 28, 2017.
dragon laugh dance downtown mid flags flying towards the national day.
thank you for your support and cooperation for a long time.
Ernest: wish you happiness, double happiness!