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The new line of new Christmas series


Gorgeous Christmas Rhapsody, celebrate the festival presents. Christmas products are the only once a year!! In line with the principle of winning the colors and quality, and combining the Christmas concept, carefully designed and launched Christmas products, let's introduce to you.


Christmas around the World Cup Series in addition to the festival
occasion, glass itself also has a "good moral life", was sent to his family, good gifts for friends. And the verbal miss, not a cup of strong coffee, put the TA in my hands warm stomach and warm heart. This year's Christmas cup, is the basic characteristics of the red and green Christmas, Christmas snowman, collocation elk and other elements, all with a strong festive atmosphere, is the preferred product for the holiday.
Double hollow material coffee cup, the production of high quality food grade coated paper, containing a PE film, safe and secure, give you warmth just perfect.

Christmas box series
"sweet pastry childhood the rain wash with a pure heart yo no sorrow o years the pace of river flow to in a hurry, never come back" remember childhood moments, the most memorable is the evening xiangzikou floated bursts of cake milk fragrance, couguo hard to breath nasal haunts are sweet and indelible. The baked delicious, under the West Point box, with a strong mind, close to each other
Using thickened paper material, the pattern is clear, beautiful, stable and portable. High quality food grade paper is selected, thickened paper is not damaged, and the surface pattern is clear and beautiful. It adds color to your baking.

Christmas warm cake box series
, many festivals are glistening in our lives. We want to distinguish the same rules in everyday life. Only fancy modeling can double the sense of ritual and grand sense. In order to make the cake perfect, a very strong display of the cake box is essential. Out of Christmas cake box series of new design before the Christmas rush Ouni, with a strong selection of Christmas elements of collocation, new design style, let every customer can feel the festive atmosphere.
Food grade film base, do not add fluorescent agents, health and environmental protection. Meticulous production technology, colourful coloring, exquisite fashion design, give a kind of elegant warm and comfortable feeling.
exquisite Christmas element packaging, with delicious food, the old father Christmas can not bear to leave. Ernie
launched a new Christmas products, welcome to buy!
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