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2018,Happy New Year!


In the meanwhile, Glutinous Rice Balls Shuabing dumplings
We are about to meet
New year's Day  

The letters used to be a long time.
Now the fast pace of fleeting.
New year's Day is coming. We will meet the thick atmosphere of the festival, reunite with our friends and family, enjoy the fragrant coffee, taste delicious desserts, and talk about the joy and sorrow of this year. The winter in Shanghai is not in the snow, you have to meet the new year ready to open. The disposable catering supplies in a superb collection of beautiful things we, carefully prepared a feast of food supplies, come together to preview.

High - grade thickened cake box

Taste, sweet life
Feeling, the taste of happiness
Luxury, luxurious experience
Food grade thickening material, healthy and environmentally friendly, without adding fluorescent agent; exquisite simple design, different color matching, to bring you a perfect visual feeling.

Creative jubilant diamond cup
Different pages, the same joy. Creative design, with the delicate touch of diamond lines, stained with the atmosphere of the festival. A cup of coffee, holding in the palm of the hand, giving you the warmth of the right.

High quality creative injection cup
Is it a very creative cup? The inner membrane sticking cup is a brand new packaging form. The cup mouth is round without burrs. The thickened cup body is more durable and more textured than the ordinary PP cup. It is a necessary part of the ritual life and is comfortable with fashion. One time?? No, I have to use it again and again.  
's fine takeout package is the first impression that the merchant gives to the customer. See so many, do you have your heartbeat. Support custom yo ~ create your brand packaging.